Walk By Fai†h, No† By Sigh†.
"I praise YOU because I am fearfully & wonderfully made; YOUR works are wonderful, I know that full well." (Psalm 139:14)

"I praise YOU because I am fearfully & wonderfully made; YOUR works are wonderful, I know that full well." (Psalm 139:14)

Prayer As A Way Of Walking In Love - A Personal Journey by Francis Chan (by sermonindex)



I see every time you laid down those other things for Me.

I see every time you seek My face, beloved one.

I see every movement of your heart towards Me, I do.

I see every little movement of your heart towards Me.

Though you’re weak, My beloved, I see your love, I see your love.


Faith. Hope. Love. The greatest of all is love.

Faith. Hope. Love. The greatest of all is love.

Do You Know the Way You Move Me? - Cory Asbury

Do you know the way you move Him? 


Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago - Awesome God

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In comparison to the love of Jesus, everything else is secondary. And without the love of Jesus, everything else is useless.
Blessed John Paul II (via thehungrycatholic)
So recently, i've been called a s*ut by a church elder, because I wore shorts and a tshirt one Sunday (& ONLY that sunday) on a hot summer day. They were your normal jean shorts, no butt was shown, and my tshirt was a normal tshirt, with a tank underneath (no cleavage). To you, does it sound like i'm wearing too little?

If what you just said the church elder said to you is true, then to me, that was 100% wrong. 1.) It is not our job as Christians to judge anyone and 2.) that word shouldn’t be in any Christian’s mouth, ESPECIALLY in the house of God. I do think the situation was handled wrong. Someone could have gone over to you and explained to you why your clothes were a bit inappropriate, which is what I’ll do now. 

You have to remember that there are husbands, fathers, pastors, leaders, etc. that are all around you in church. As a woman of God, you want to keep your brothers in Christ pure, pure in the mind. Wearing something with too much skin showing, can cause another to fall into temptation. You may not see it that way, but you never know what someone else’s weakness is. God wants our beauty to come from the inside. He wants His children to dress modestly, and it’s so important to protect your brothers and sisters in Christ mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.. Although no specific areas were shown in what you were wearing, it still could have been a little too much. A little too much to some men around you. They could have been trying to focus on the main reason they are in church, but temptation was distracting them. 

Pray about modesty, and ask God to show you want is inappropriate in His eyes and what is not. Let Him teach you. God bless you.

Since your a Christian, what are your views on sex before marriage? I'm not a virgin, and I fear I won't find a true man of God because of that. Is it wrong to have had sex already... Will God forgive me? Will I be able to still have a healthy, Christ-centered relationship/marriage even though I'm not a virgin anymore? :-(

Hello sister : ) God will definitely forgive you, and if you’ve ask for forgiveness, He already has forgiven you. You don’t have to wonder about it, think about it, or get upset about it. He has wiped you clean and is willing to give you a new start. It’s up to you to turn from your ways and put God before all. God still has your husband lined up for you. You just need to turn from your sin, do what you know God wants, and trust Him. Don’t worry. God makes all things new. It’s up to you to fix what you do from this point forward. Ask Him for guidance and help. God bless you!

Goodnight ! : ) God bless you. 

Goodnight ! : ) God bless you. 

Those moments, when you just get captured by God’s love. It’s truly amazing, God I love you. I worship you. I trust you. And I thank you.